Men's Weekend #34

Men's Rector:                          Men's Head Cha:

Jacob Elliott                                          


Men's Spiritual Director:        Head Prayer:


Weekend Heads

Chairman: Perry Downs

Spiritual Director: Bill Ruddell,

Treasurer: Carol Strock, 

Secretary: Angela Connell,

Weekend Supply Team: Capers and Brandi Whatley,

Men's Leader: Robert Strock,

Women's Leader:  Teri Downs,

Food Couple:  Randy & Beverly Pope,

Pre-Weekend: Bill & Ginny Ruddell,

Fourth-Day: Samantha & Wayne Lane,

Database: Lisa Elliott,

Palanca Chair:  open

Communications Chair: Mike Maher, 

Newsletter: Jeremy James,

Contact Info

Three Days with Christ

Women's Weekend #34

Women's Rector:                               Women's Head Cha
Lisa Elliott                                            Kelly Brackin
phone: 706-987-9181                          706-662-6348

Women's Spiritual Director:              Head Prayer:

Isaac Davis                                          Carol Strock                 

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